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Kristal seeks any and all opportunities to speak about elephants. No audience is too small!! She can be reached at:[email protected]

Rave Reviews

From Larisa Stow founder, Prema Darshan Center and DTS recording artist:

I first encountered Kristal Parks on KPFK's "Aware Show". While listening to the "Aware Show" driving on the 605 freeway, my heart was blown open by her courage to put her life on the line to protect what she loves. While many activists come from a place of anger, she is an example of an activist committed to "being the change she wishes to see in the world" through love. She walks the Gandhi path. A path motivated by a deep love of all beings. After hearing her on the radio, I was committed to bringing her out to my community in Long Beach, California. When the opportunity came for her to speak to us, I was thrilled. But to actually have her here in person to empower us with her wisdom was even more effective than I thought possible. She gave us the opportunity to look at ourselves and question where we could begin to walk our talk and "to be the change." Bottom line, Kristal Parks is a powerful catalyst.

From Anthony Marr, wildlife preservationist and tiger expert:

It is my honor, pleasure and privilege to be asked by Kristal Parks to write this recommendation.

Kristal is among the top three most honest, sincere, courageous, dignified, responsible and dedicated people, of either gender, I have encountered in my 60 years on this Earth.

She has worked as a children's illusionist, yet in reality she is a miracle worker, in the sense that she could create and bestow freedom by the impossible act (to most) of sacrificing her own. A prime example was the 12-day water only hunger-strike for circus elephants in Denver last fall, when Ringlings came to town. This is especially awesome considering that Kristal is slim as a willow and really had no weight to lose. Along the way, amidst her pangs of hunger, some around her suggested that she could "sneak some food". She refused without hesitation. Her honesty was such that even though she was in Denver and I was in Vancouver, I knew that she would never even remotely consider any act of betrayal to her immaculate integrity. No witness was required.

Deeds speak louder than words, but her words, when spoken by her heart, as they always are, could be thunderous without her raising her voice or lowering her almost transcendent femininity. Many in our society believe that power dwells in the muscle; Kristal could demolish that belief without moving a single muscle of her own. To the casual eye she looks soft as water, yet, it is water that carved the Grand Canyon out of solid rock.

In regards to safe guarding the future of elephants, I have never met anyone who is so single-mindedly devoted to these majestic and endangered creatures. Even though I specialize in tiger preservation, and have devoted the greater part of the last decade to the species, I have to admit that the intensity of my passion for the tiger pales beside Kristal's for the elephant. So many times has she expressed to me her great desire, almost need, to work with elephants.

Knowing Kristal the way I do, her life would not be complete without being close to, working with and caring for elephants. Once you have met her, you will agree with me that she is a priceless asset to elephant conservation.


Anthony Marr
[email protected]

Kristal Parks, M.A.
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